Sunday, April 9, 2017

The One being a Purposeful Mom

I'm getting a list together of what I want my months to look like as a Purposeful Mom.
What I want to do with my children each day, week, month, and yearly.
I don't want to be a mindless mom.
I don't want the time to just pass by.
I want to be a Purposeful Mom.
That takes hard work and dedication, but also making fun memories
I'll go through what I want to do daily, once a week, then every other week and then once a month, and yearly.
-laughter (Make each one of them laugh)
-ask how their Day is
-talk, talk, talk, ask lots of questions, get them talking!
Every other day
-do a hairstyle 
Once a week
-back and feet massage 
-itch back
-family devotion
-tickle monster
-special dessert(ice cream sandwich, ice cream sundae, ice cream bar, etc.)
Every other week
-serious teaching moment
-scrapbook or craft
-take a walk to the park
Every month
-Apple and me day, Hezekiah and me day, Gracie and me day(rotate every 3 months one child, each month, take turns)(movie dinner, roller skate, bowling, park time, dinner and dessert)
Every other month
-make a dessert together 
-big trip somewhere (Santa Cruz, Disneyland, Lego Land, San Diego, Monterey, etc.)
June, July, August
-monthly trip to a beach
Share, What would be on your list?

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