Sunday, April 9, 2017

The One being a Purposeful Mom

I'm getting a list together of what I want my months to look like as a Purposeful Mom.
What I want to do with my children each day, week, month, and yearly.
I don't want to be a mindless mom.
I don't want the time to just pass by.
I want to be a Purposeful Mom.
That takes hard work and dedication, but also making fun memories
I'll go through what I want to do daily, once a week, then every other week and then once a month, and yearly.
-laughter (Make each one of them laugh)
-ask how their Day is
-talk, talk, talk, ask lots of questions, get them talking!
Every other day
-do a hairstyle 
Once a week
-back and feet massage 
-itch back
-family devotion
-tickle monster
-special dessert(ice cream sandwich, ice cream sundae, ice cream bar, etc.)
Every other week
-serious teaching moment
-scrapbook or craft
-take a walk to the park
Every month
-Apple and me day, Hezekiah and me day, Gracie and me day(rotate every 3 months one child, each month, take turns)(movie dinner, roller skate, bowling, park time, dinner and dessert)
Every other month
-make a dessert together 
-big trip somewhere (Santa Cruz, Disneyland, Lego Land, San Diego, Monterey, etc.)
June, July, August
-monthly trip to a beach
Share, What would be on your list?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The One Winning by chance or by God

Apple's school had a dinner and silent auction fundraiser event. Called Dragonfly dinner. Kyle and I get there and we are kind of clueless of how everything works. Being at this school for 5 years, we have never gone before. We decided to take up the opportunity to go because Apple's teacher purchased two tables! That is $350 a table! He invited any of the parents in his class that wanted to go. So, again we get there. We are clueless. We see a bunch of teachers at computers and pricing of things. Like drink tickets, raffle tickets, and A 50/50 raffle ticket, and Disneyland raffle tickets. The lady that organized the event, went over how it works. We get a number that will be our number for the night for drinks, raffle tickets, and things we bid on. Whatever we buy, we pay at the end of the night. We can't decide at the moment, so we ask if we can look around at the raffle items and silent auction items. We go and look around. Kyle and I are talking about what to buy. Of course we wanted to buy Disneyland raffle tickets, we bought two of those which was $25 a raffle ticket. We buy our other tickets. We go back in and find our seats. Say hi to a few people we know. We met Mr. Stevenson's wife and daughter. Kyle bids on some of the silent auctions, he doesn't win. Buckhorns catered the event. It was sooo good! Tri tip, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, bread. Sooo good! We put our raffle tickets in prizes we can win. Kyle won passes to the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum! The announcer auctioned off some live auctions. We wanted to win Apple, the Director of the day, but it went for like $300! Which is awesome since the whole point is getting as much money for the auctioned item for the school as possible. The event had a dessert table and they auctioned off the desserts. One chocolate cake went for $350! That lady really wanted that cake! All the desserts sold at $120-$350! Mr. Stevenson bought cookies for his class for $120. He also bought a cheesecake for the table for $160! It was so delicious! The cheesecake was donated by Tahoe Joe's. The graham cracker crust was so thick and the cheesecake was so creamy. Then on to the 50/50 raffle. The tickets were $25 a ticket. How it works, is how much they make from how many tickets they sell, the person who wins gets half. The couple sitting next to us won! $450! He was shocked! Then the Disneyland tickets! We bought two raffle tickets. How it worked, is they had two card decks one a super big card deck and the other was a normal deck. This lady goes up and wants to pick the ticket. The announcer says we need a bigger bucket, so everyone has a fair chance. This lady brings up a bigger bucket, maybe two times bigger then the original jar it was in. It gets dumped in the bucket. The announcer puts it above the picker's head, so she is reaching high to pick. She picks out half of a big card, so someone has the other half of the card and has to be matched. The announcer says everyone with a big card stand up! So Kyle and I stand up! Then he says those with a face card sit down. Kyle and I don't sit. Then he said those with numbers 2-4 cards sit down. Kyle and I are still standing! Then he says all those still standing, come up! I get super excited, but then I see like 10 other people come up and I'm discouraged a little bit. The announcer calls out for people to sit down and that was Kyle's card and some other people. I'm still standing. The announcer says those with a spade ♠️ card stay standing. I have a spade ♠️ card and what looks like a bunch of people start to walk to their seats. But then the announcer says wait I didn't say sit down I said those with a spade card stay standing, so they all come back. Then he says do you all have diamond cards, everyone except me says yes, the announcer says okay go sit down. I'm the last one standing and he shows me the card and I WIN!!! Disneyland tickets for four!!!! I jump up and down and Kyle runs up and picks me up and twirls me around. Th announcer says what's you name and your husband's name Jennifer and Kyle! You won Disneyland tickets Congratulations!
I believe God wanted to bless my family. Just how everything fell into place. If Kyle and I didn't go off and think first of what tickets we wanted to buy and just bought them when we first got there we would have gotten different cards. This lady just randomly asked to pick the card, if she didn't volunteer herself, another card would have been picked. If the announcer didn't ask for a bigger bucket and left it in the original jar, another card would have been picked. Do you believe it was by chance I won, or that God orchestrated everything, so He can bless my family? 

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The One being a Purposeful Mom

I'm getting a list together of what I want my months to look like as a Purposeful Mom. What I want to do with my children each day, we...