Friday, July 7, 2017

The One with the End of Preschool

It's a wrap. The end of homeschooling preschool. Looking back at this school year, I am so happy I chose to do this. It is very emotional because he is enrolled in my daughter's school for the up coming school year. I desire to homeschool, I'm going to keep praying that it will happen, but only if God allows it.
Looking back over this school year, I just enjoyed being with my son. I love and enjoy teaching him. It can be difficult at times, when he is not in the mindset of listening. It wasn't easy. But  anything worth putting time into is not easy. There is extra stress, less time of what I want to do. My focused seemed to be mostly about homeschooling. What to teach about? Then prep time to get it ready to teach. Then making sure to not neglect cleaning and laundry and other life chores. I'm just being real. If anyone adds anything to their life, there is an adjustment period. I felt like at times I was in an adjustment period and other times I felt like I got the routine down. The hardest part was taking a break for three weeks for Christmas break. I felt like it was very hard to get back into homeschool mode, not so much for me, but for Hezekiah. We were doing so Awesome before that, but then after Christmas break, it was hard to get him to focus. I wish I incorporated more field trips. The best was seeing him write letters on his own. I would think I taught him that! It was a great feeling. Seeing him draw shapes. I taught him that. Hearing him count. I pretty much kept everything we did together and created together. I am so proud of this time Hezekiah and I had together.

Today we celebrated Hezekiah ending Preschool. I wanted to do this last month, but the trophy didn't come in on time and we had to go to camp for my husband's youth group for two weeks. I made a slideshow to show his year in homeschool. I put my heart and Spirit into homeschooling him. I am happy I was his teacher and he was my Star Student. Some days we would cry together and some days we had perfect days of happiness. This year is probably my favorite year with you buddy, One that will stand out beyond the rest. You are gonna do amazing things in this world!

End of Preschool Slideshow

Mommy's Star Student Proud holding his Trophy earned for all his hard work this year

Mommy and her Star Student

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The One being a Purposeful Mom

I'm getting a list together of what I want my months to look like as a Purposeful Mom.
What I want to do with my children each day, week, month, and yearly.
I don't want to be a mindless mom.
I don't want the time to just pass by.
I want to be a Purposeful Mom.
That takes hard work and dedication, but also making fun memories
I'll go through what I want to do daily, once a week, then every other week and then once a month, and yearly.
-laughter (Make each one of them laugh)
-ask how their Day is
-talk, talk, talk, ask lots of questions, get them talking!
Every other day
-do a hairstyle 
Once a week
-back and feet massage 
-itch back
-family devotion
-tickle monster
-special dessert(ice cream sandwich, ice cream sundae, ice cream bar, etc.)
Every other week
-serious teaching moment
-scrapbook or craft
-take a walk to the park
Every month
-Apple and me day, Hezekiah and me day, Gracie and me day(rotate every 3 months one child, each month, take turns)(movie dinner, roller skate, bowling, park time, dinner and dessert)
Every other month
-make a dessert together 
-big trip somewhere (Santa Cruz, Disneyland, Lego Land, San Diego, Monterey, etc.)
June, July, August
-monthly trip to a beach
Share, What would be on your list?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The One Winning by chance or by God

Apple's school had a dinner and silent auction fundraiser event. Called Dragonfly dinner. Kyle and I get there and we are kind of clueless of how everything works. Being at this school for 5 years, we have never gone before. We decided to take up the opportunity to go because Apple's teacher purchased two tables! That is $350 a table! He invited any of the parents in his class that wanted to go. So, again we get there. We are clueless. We see a bunch of teachers at computers and pricing of things. Like drink tickets, raffle tickets, and A 50/50 raffle ticket, and Disneyland raffle tickets. The lady that organized the event, went over how it works. We get a number that will be our number for the night for drinks, raffle tickets, and things we bid on. Whatever we buy, we pay at the end of the night. We can't decide at the moment, so we ask if we can look around at the raffle items and silent auction items. We go and look around. Kyle and I are talking about what to buy. Of course we wanted to buy Disneyland raffle tickets, we bought two of those which was $25 a raffle ticket. We buy our other tickets. We go back in and find our seats. Say hi to a few people we know. We met Mr. Stevenson's wife and daughter. Kyle bids on some of the silent auctions, he doesn't win. Buckhorns catered the event. It was sooo good! Tri tip, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, bread. Sooo good! We put our raffle tickets in prizes we can win. Kyle won passes to the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum! The announcer auctioned off some live auctions. We wanted to win Apple, the Director of the day, but it went for like $300! Which is awesome since the whole point is getting as much money for the auctioned item for the school as possible. The event had a dessert table and they auctioned off the desserts. One chocolate cake went for $350! That lady really wanted that cake! All the desserts sold at $120-$350! Mr. Stevenson bought cookies for his class for $120. He also bought a cheesecake for the table for $160! It was so delicious! The cheesecake was donated by Tahoe Joe's. The graham cracker crust was so thick and the cheesecake was so creamy. Then on to the 50/50 raffle. The tickets were $25 a ticket. How it works, is how much they make from how many tickets they sell, the person who wins gets half. The couple sitting next to us won! $450! He was shocked! Then the Disneyland tickets! We bought two raffle tickets. How it worked, is they had two card decks one a super big card deck and the other was a normal deck. This lady goes up and wants to pick the ticket. The announcer says we need a bigger bucket, so everyone has a fair chance. This lady brings up a bigger bucket, maybe two times bigger then the original jar it was in. It gets dumped in the bucket. The announcer puts it above the picker's head, so she is reaching high to pick. She picks out half of a big card, so someone has the other half of the card and has to be matched. The announcer says everyone with a big card stand up! So Kyle and I stand up! Then he says those with a face card sit down. Kyle and I don't sit. Then he said those with numbers 2-4 cards sit down. Kyle and I are still standing! Then he says all those still standing, come up! I get super excited, but then I see like 10 other people come up and I'm discouraged a little bit. The announcer calls out for people to sit down and that was Kyle's card and some other people. I'm still standing. The announcer says those with a spade ♠️ card stay standing. I have a spade ♠️ card and what looks like a bunch of people start to walk to their seats. But then the announcer says wait I didn't say sit down I said those with a spade card stay standing, so they all come back. Then he says do you all have diamond cards, everyone except me says yes, the announcer says okay go sit down. I'm the last one standing and he shows me the card and I WIN!!! Disneyland tickets for four!!!! I jump up and down and Kyle runs up and picks me up and twirls me around. Th announcer says what's you name and your husband's name Jennifer and Kyle! You won Disneyland tickets Congratulations!
I believe God wanted to bless my family. Just how everything fell into place. If Kyle and I didn't go off and think first of what tickets we wanted to buy and just bought them when we first got there we would have gotten different cards. This lady just randomly asked to pick the card, if she didn't volunteer herself, another card would have been picked. If the announcer didn't ask for a bigger bucket and left it in the original jar, another card would have been picked. Do you believe it was by chance I won, or that God orchestrated everything, so He can bless my family? 

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The One that is not a Race

    Reading through the Bible is not a race. I have about 12 more years to read through this one.

 I bought this journaling Bible for Hezekiah. When he graduates high school it will be his gift. It will be filled with my notes I have jotted down as I read through it. Filled with my prayers for him. Filled with hopes and desires for my son's life. I want to do the same for my other two children.  I will read each Bible with that child in my heart and mind. When I do that, I will take turns reading from each bible.  Focusing on one book in the Bible at a time, and when I read focus on one chapter at a time. Little steps like this can lead to big things.
      I want my children seeing me read and jot down prayers in their bible. Just as I remember when I was little my mom would write the Whole bible. I know she did this more than once. It was her church challenge each year. It was winter, raining, and dark. The only light was where she was. I see her with her lined paper sitting down writing each word down. I love this example she has shown me when I was a little girl. Back then that was the only way to read the Bible, now every Christian I know has the Bible app. Which is a cool gadget, but it does not come close to holding the written word in my hands and knowing I'm showing my children a great example of what spending time with Jesus looks like. Where, if I was using my Bible app, for all my children know I could be playing a game or on Facebook. They can't tell what exactly I am doing. I want my children to have memories of me studying my Bible and spending time with Jesus.  My husband has made an abbreviation for the Bible in his youth group. Before he starts teaching he says, "Eveyone get their BFB. Battery Free Bible." 😂 In this day of age of technology and an app for everything, we need to show the next generation that having the old Bible in book form is the best way. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The one with A Dream

      Some people dream about going to college, or what dream job they would have, I dream about what kind of 1st birthday party to have. With my oldest when she turned one, I was set on having a Pink Poodle Party, with my son, it was Dumbo, and with my youngest I dreamed up Unicorns. Since she was in my womb, I fell in love with Unicorns and the color pink and gold together. I knew when she was born I wanted to throw her a Unicorn party, with the colors pink and gold. I started searching ideas on Pinterest and Etsy. I took my dream and gave it life. The Invitations made so Perfectly.  The Centerpieces made Beautifully. The Unicorn Horns made Precisely. The Wands made  Unblemished. The Happy Birthday Banner made to Exactness. The Cakee Topper made Flawless. The Unicorn Cake made with Care. The Coloring Books in the goodie bags made Complete. The Birthday Tutu made Fabulous. Every detail turned out picture perfect.
      But what you don't see. In these pictures is how to balance life and still be able to get every detail done. When I craft, I like to get in my zone and have no distractions. If I had it my way that would be ideal. Life has a different way of how I have to craft. Under a lot of Stress. Baby crying for my attention, kids fighting because I am distrated with something other than them. Lunch served at 3pm instead of 12pm. Laundry done a couple of days late. The pressure of a  deadline when everything has to be done, so I can focus on homeschooling. I cannot craft all day, to get everything done. So I have long hours staying up, when everyone else is sleeping. I kept saying to myself the extra stress is going to be sooo worth it. I cannot allow myself to not do things because it will cause extra stress. Or other feelings of being overwhelmed. Everything that is worth doing, will take hard work. We have to battle the feelings of being overly stressed, and being overwhelmed. We cannot let those feelings win. If I let those feelings win, I would be in bed all day, and be insufficient. I am soo filled with joy that I got to bring my Magical Dream to Life. All the extra stress was well worth it for one Magical Unicorn day, to celebrate Gracie turning one, to enjoy good company, eat delicious food and take pleasure in the small details.

Happy 1st Birthday Gracie!

My daughter Apple, my niece and nephew Kiki and Cody

My mom 

Love this picture of all gathering to celebrate this tiny girl turning 1

Photos after the party to see more in details
Cake topper
I bought this little gem on etsy. The store is ivydollarts. I found this to just have as a keepsake because it reminded me of Gracie. It was perfect to be on the cake.

Invitation I made through Adobe

I turned the invitation to be a cover for the coloring books for the goodies bag

Sample coloring pages, I just searched unicorn coloring pages on Google and copied and edited them on Adobe

Gracie's tutu up close. I was going to buy one on etsy, but by the time I was ready to order it was going to take 4 weeks to get to my house. So I ended up making her one. I'm glad I did because I got to pick out the pattern I wanted which included Unicorns.

"Even the hairs on your head is all counted" Luke 12:7

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The One that I don't feel good enough

   Today I woke up feeling defeated and not good enough and the day didn't even start.  I thought to myself I really need to do stuff to make me feel better, to feel like I am a good mom. I put extra effort in breakfast and made waffles. My kids were so happy and smiles on their faces, while I was thinking what am I going to eat? We ran out of syrup. I ended up not eating breakfast because I just wanted to move on and get church at home going.  I have been reading this book, In This House We Will Giggle by Courtney DeFeo. This book takes different topics  to teach the whole familyI like this book a lot because it gives my family a month to really focus and understand characteristic traits we should have as a follower of Jesus.  For this month it is Love. Throughout this month it is the focus of our family. I point out Love actions in my children and make sure I praise them for their actions. Or they receive a heart for showing love and when they get 7 hearts they get a little reward when we go to the store. Also, we have been dissecting the famous Love verses 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 "Love is Patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." I asked my oldest daughter Apple to pick a word to look up, so we can understand the verse better. She picked envy. She looks it up on her phone and reads the definition. I asked her has she ever felt jealous. She says yes and tells her story of how she felt jealous before. Then I share my story of how I have been feeling jealous of other moms. I tell her I don't want to feel this way and I pray to God to take this jealousy away in my heart, and fill my heart with love towards these moms instead. I tell her it's okay to feel jealous, but we need to know how to react to this feeling. Telling God about our jealousy and asking Him to take the feeling away and to love people we're jealous of is a great way to handle jealousy. Even after teaching my children about Love and doing God's work, I still feel not good enough. So I suggest to look up crafts on Pinterest to do together that has to do with Love. I'm looking at Pinterest and I see this cute Octopus stuffed animal. I say we can make this, I have a bunch of Gracie's (my 1 year old) old clothes, we can use them to make the Octopus. It shows that Love brings comfort to others just like a stuffed animal. Apple picks an outfit out that I can cut up and make it into a stuffed Octopus. I'm working on it and I think this is not what I had in mind by doing a craft, I'm doing all the work. It's not even new material and it just doesn't look like the Pinterest picture. I'm thinking I need to just stop doing this. I stop what I'm doing and I say to Apple "I think I'm going to stop, I'm doing all the work, I wanted you to be a part of it and I'm having to do all of it, and it's not even turning out right." She says with such a postive attitude "I like it, it's creative that we are using Gracie's old clothes and how can I help? I think it's going great!" With my doubting self attitude I say, "are you sure you want me to keep going?" Apple says "yeah you should finish." So I continue on, and on, and on. Three time I made these little Love-O-Pus we call them. Love Octopus. One for Apple, One for Hezekiah, One for Gracie. After I finished Apple's, I give it to her. With her happy go additude she says, "Wow! I can't believe you made this. Is this your first stuffed animal you made. I really like it! I'm glad you finished it because you believed it wasn't going to turn out good, and it turned out so cute." The words of a 9 year old. Blew me away! How appreciative she was of me making this for her. She was my cheerleader, when I have doubted myself, she believed in me. God was also there, before my little Apple was cheering me on. God was cheering me on, but I chose to listen to my thoughts more then what God had to say. This morning I woke up deafeated and not feeling good enough, comparing myself with other moms. I chose not to listen to Him, he used my daughter to be a voice for Him. It broke through my heart. God You are cheering me on, even before I woke up.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The One with A Letter

         A Letter From An Imperfect Mom
Before I go to sleep
I pray and I hope you felt loved by me
I try and I try to do what is right
I mess up because I am an imperfect Mom
I ask for your forgiveness
You don't think twice
In my imperfections, you still look at me with big admiring eyes
There is a God that is Perfect
I keep trying to be the best for what God called me to be, Your Mom
But even with my messes
Know that I love you more than words can say
With all my mind, heart, soul All I want is to point you in the direction to Him, Jesus

Scrapbook page I made

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