Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The one about being updated

This is my catching up post from homeschooling from 3 weeks ago. 

Hezekiah learned the letter Hh, number 8, and we are reviewing shapes. He made a house, horse, hamburger craft, jellyfish counting craft. We counted the number of dots for each tentacle. Starting with 1 to ending with 8. 

He has a shape craft book from the library. I picked for him to make a craft from the book. I bought shaped buttons, magnet strips, and a tin container. I had a hard time finding a tin container, found it in the cookie aisle that has like some kind of Dutch sugar cookies.  I cut out the magnet small enough to stick on the button, and he placed them on the back of the button. He did that some on the googly eyes as well. The magnet button and googly eyes stick on the tin, he can make a creation with button shapes and giggly eyes. He liked this. 

My daughter, Apple had the day off from school on 10/28/16 
She was my teacher assisstent that day. She also join in on some crafts. This craft she got a water bottle, orange paint, and white cardstock paper. She dipped the cap in orange paint and pressed the cap with paint on the paper. She turned them into pumpkins with brown paint for the stem and green for leaves. Hezekiah always likes doing paint projects. It was a great harvest craft.

Hezekiah made a creepy spider with the number 8. 

I made sure The week close to Halloween to include, fun Halloween things. I bought Halloween foam stickers. He decorated picture I printed off the computer. The number lines, he counted, Jack o lanterns, candy corn, and bats. Also printed off the computer. 
Hezekiah made an iguana and ice cream with the letter I. Also, a big celebration he has been tracing his letters again. And not just scribbling on the trace. A big vitory. 

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The one that I am super thankful

Since thanksgiving is this month. I have been thinking about what I am super thankful for. I am thankful for Hezekiah. I was filled with joy hearing you say your first words dada and mama. Even two words together when you said thank you. I thought you were on a roll. Then your words came to a halt. You would try to speak, but it didn't come out quite right. My heart was filled with sadness seeing the frustration you felt. Now with your hard work in speech therapy and homeschooling, your vocabulary is too many to count. You had a difficult start, but your speech is flourishing because you never gave up and kept on trying.  I'm so proud of how far you've come. Everything great comes from Dedication, Hard work, Trials, and Errors. Always keep trying and reach your dreams.

I am super proud that he is counting to ten. Every week he learns a new number. The week we were approaching to learn the number 10, I was thinking we may need to start the numbers over again because I wasn't sure if he was grasping counting. Then this happened, now this week instead of going back to 1 and go through 1 to 10 again, we moved on to learn the number 11 and I will be teaching him to count to 20. 

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